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    Particle size and Zeta Potential   Analyzer

▶ 특징
원터치 방식으로 사용이 편리하다.
혁신적인 셀의 개발로 Calibration이 필요없다.
시료의 전처리가 필요없다.
어떤 종류의 시료라도 3분이내에 분석이 완료된다.

▶ 응용분야
 - 세라믹, 슬러리   - 수처리   - 고분자

▶ 사양
1. Particle Size Analyzer Sub-system
Particle size range : 10nm ~ 5㎛,  5mW He/Ne Laser(Polarizde, low-noise),  Multi-angle detection,  Optical fiber,  Precision stepper motor (0.9deg/step, 25~155deg),  Fast, 32-bit digital autocorrelator,  New DSP design (4×TI C31),  Channel width : 100ns to 100ms,  Internal analysis computer : Fast DSP design(C31), Fully automated analysis :  Gaussian(cumulants) and High-resolution,multimodal Laplace Transform(Nicomp) performed simultaneously. Long-delay baseline, compensates for large aggregates Time-history display and print-out, three-weighting options 

2. Zeta Potential Analyzer Sub-systems
Particle size range : 0.02㎛ ~ 10㎛,  Conductivity range : 0.001~0.25Simens/m,  Temperature range : 10~75±0.3℃  Electric field strength range ; 2~50V/㎝(확장형),  Hetereo electrophoretic dynamic light scattering, Autocorrelator  DSP-based, 512-channel width 32-bit digital using 4×TI C31 DSP chips, 40MHz Doppler-shifted power spectrum obtained by FFT analysis.Electrodes Made of solid gold electrodes(5mm spcaing) Immersed in plastic, disposable cuvet and/or precision glass Eliminates artifacts associated with electro- osmotic effect and stationary double layer No alignment and calibration required



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