X SERES ICP-MS                    



PlasmaLab™ Windows® 2000 software gives the operator seamless control of all X Series ICP-MS analysis routines, drawing on the ideas and best working practices of over 18 years of ICP-MS experience in over 1,000 customer laboratories.

All key system operations can be performed automatically, or with a single keystroke.

"Designed-in" application-specific protocols
Built-in protocols tailored specifically to your application needs make it easy even for inexperienced operators to achieve quick, accurate results.

Integral QA/QC package
Automated real-time data validation routines significantly reduce the number of sample re-runs, improve productivity and reduce overall cost per analysis.

Flexible reporting
Analytical reports can be customized to your laboratory requirements, using PlasmaLab's flexible report generation and LIMS connectivity.



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