X SERES ICP-MS                    



Advanced technology doesn't have to be complicated. The X Series ICP-MS makes even the most sophisticated analytical protocols easy to follow for any operator.

World's smallest benchtop ICP-MS
Thermo Elemental has designed the world's smallest benchtop ICP-MS with today's busy laboratories in mind. Constructed from inert composite materials, the X Series ICP-MS is equally at home in the space limited settings of both busy environmental monitoring laboratories and demanding semiconductor clean

rooms. Careful attention to detail ensures that both heat dissipation and extraction requirements are minimized, reducing environmental contamination and start-up costs.

Future-proof technology
Intelligent modular design and a range of unique plug-and-play performance and flexibility options provide a guaranteed upgrade path to future regulatory compliance.

Responsive simultaneous detector
An advanced "plug in" simultaneous detector system, optimized for high sample throughput applications, accurately measures major and minor concentrations in a single analytical run.

Maintenance-free mass spectrometer
Based on innovative design models used in consumer manufacturing processes, a radical new engineering approach has produced an ICP-MS solution that's as easy to live with as it is powerful. The maintenance-free Infinity Lens™, quadrupole and detector systems ensure maximum productivity.

Highest signal-to-noise ratio of any quadrupole-based ICP-MS
A compact, top-entry, cable-free vacuum housing incorporating the robust Infinity Lens and an off-axis high-performance quadrupole mass analyzer deliver the highest signal-to-noise ratio of any quadrupole-based ICP-MS.

Optimized plasma conditions
Three high-precision mass flow controllers and automated x, y, z torch positioning maintain optimum plasma conditions ensuring consistent,

reliable results within an analytical protocol.

Optimized, accessible sample introduction
An efficient, externally mounted sample introduction system is the foundation to maximizing sample throughput. The open architecture ensures easy maintenance and trouble-free connection to third party accessories.

Validated productivity packs
Predefined protocols facilitate worldwide regulatory compliance and improve startup productivity. Methods include predefined analyte templates, optimized acquisition parameters and customized reporting options to ensure the lowest cost per sample analysis. Unique productivity enhancement tools such as intelligent monitored uptake/rinse and protocol optimized acquisition parameters significantly improve throughput efficiency.


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