X  SERIES  ICP-MS                      



Ease-of-compliance designed in.

The X Series ICP-MS Environmental Package ensures conformance to latest worldwide environmental regulatory protocols including US EPA 200.8, US EPA 6020, Japanese JIS K0102, German TVO, and UK DWI NS30.


The Semiconductor Package provides specifications and guidelines that reflect different chemical purity levels appropriate to various technology nodes, conforming to Tier C & D guidelines and beyond.

No-compromise solutions

A range of tailored options extends the X Series ICP-MS performance and flexibility for the most demanding applications. These options provide a truly "no compromise" solution that is both feature-rich and long-term reliable.  

Peltier-Cooled Spray Chamber
For applications requiring improved detection limit capabilities or the ability to handle organic matrices efficiently, the spray chamber can be cooled and precisely temperature-controlled by a Peltier device.

NEW PlasmaScreen™ Plus Technology
Enhanced cool plasma performance for ultratrace analysis of high-purity matrices significantly reduces or eliminates many of the traditionally troublesome interferences which affect the sub-ppt determination of Li, Na, K, Ca, and Fe.

Second-generation collision cell technology, incorporating kinetic energy discrimination, efficiently eliminates matrix- and argon-based spectral interferences using simple reaction gases, minimizing unwanted side reactions in the cell without complex electronics.


Gas Control Modules
Up to 2 additional mass flow controllers improve organic matrix handling and enhance the use of high-performance, low-flow nebulizers.

Xi Interface
The Xi Interface reduces polyatomic species in complex environmental matrices enabling the detection of iron at single-figure ppb in standard mode. Unique properties of the interface effectively extend the working range of the mass spectrometer enabling the measurement of Na and other alkali metals to over 200 mg/l in the same mass scan as ng/l levels of trace analytes such as Pb and Cd.

Additional functional and convenience features, as well as new and improved sample introduction systems, add value - and even greater productivity - to your X Series ICP-MS.

The X Series ICP-MS supports a complete range of industry standard autosamplers. Intelligent PICO technology automation routines enhance both flexibility and productivity.

Intelligent sample preparation system
The intelligent sample preparation system seamlessly provides improved productivity and automated solution handling. Pre-configured application templates minimize set-up and improve throughput.

Integrated laser ablation systems
Depending on your needs, a choice of fully integrated, easy-to-use laser ablation systems allow you to analyze solids directly, without sample preparation.

LC integration & coupling
Our LC coupling kit allows full control of a Thermo Finnigan or existing LC system for a totally integrated LC/ICP-MS configuration.  


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