The INTEGRAL Futura is a continuous flow analyser featuring advanced microflow technology, modern electronics and comprehensive computer control and data management.  

Of modular design, the INTEGRAL Futura's analytical channels are totally autonomous at all levels, with the elements required for the determination of one parameter integrated into each separate console.   

Enhanced computer graphics display sophisticated raw data as well as completed sample reports.  

  • Improves the Integral concept
  • Gives more choice to the end-user
  • Gives more automation and flexibility
  • Is managed by the CFM software (Windows)


>>> The Evolution II


The EVOLUTION II distinguishes itself by using a modern proportionning pump and an advanced "unique focusing" colorimeter utilizing optical fibre technology. 

With the capacity to sample 104 cups (two rows of 52 positions), the EVOLUTION II can assay 60 an hour for up top 8 methos, including methods where distillation is required. 

The system incorporates computer generated data reporting, with a realtime display of measuring signals, zooming function, selective print-out and electronic archiving.


>>> The Single


The SINGLE has been designed for the control and analysis of a specific parameter important to your laboratory or production unit. 

It comprises a built in sampling system with probe and wash receptacle. One analytical unit with pump, manifold, heating baths, and colorimeter with a filter in the range of 340-880 nm. A microprocessor controlled unit wich includes a logic board for data processing and system's control, a touch panel access all functions, and a 20 columns impact printer. 

The SINGLE can be used by virtually anyone, with no specialist knowledge required for routine use: simply load in the sample and press the analyse key. 



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