IRIS INTREPID                        



Application-proven performance, Application-optimized configurations.
The new-generation Intrepid spectrometers extend and enhance the application-proven performance of the popular Thermo Elemental IRIS series. They combine the speed, accuracy and throughput of a simultaneous ICP with the flexibility of a sequential system, providing a powerful, easy-to-use elemental analysis solution that delivers high productivity and optimum analytical results - no compromises required.

The Intrepid series offers options for extended wavelength coverage, and to best match the needs of your particular analysis. Systems can be configured for radial, axial or duo (radial and axial) plasma viewing. So, whatever your application - environmental, metallurgical, petrochemical, geochemical/mining, food, agricultural, plating solutions, semiconductor, biopharmaceutical or wear metals in oil - you can be sure your Thermo Elemental Intrepid system is not only up to the job, it's optimized for it.

- Simultaneous ICP analytical speed
- Sequential ICP flexibility

High-performance Echelle Spectrometer
Proven crystal-controlled RF source with power selection in 250 increments  
Direct-drive peristaltic pump

Simple, elegant design with large easy access plasma-viewing window
Powerful, easy-to-use TEVA™ software

Multiple wavelengths for simultaneous determination of each element
Enhanced resolution for complex matrices
Industry-leading radial performance for organic and heavy matrix samples

Excellent detection limits in radial, axial, and duo configurations

Full wavelength coverage with all spectral information available at a single glance
Expanded range of accessories extend your analysis capabilities  


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