IRIS INTREPID                        



Make your system even more productive
An unmatched range of configurations and accessories lets you tailor an IRIS Intrepid system to the exact needs of virtually any application. Additional functional and convenience features as well as new-and-improved sample introduction systems add value - and even greater productivity - to your investment.

▶ Timberline II Autosampler.
The new Timberline II comes equipped to analyze up to 300 samples per run. It includes racks for 300, 192, and 96 samples, as well as 19 large tubes for blanks, standards and QC samples; you can even "mix and match" racks in a single run. The autodiluter accessory supports standard dilutions, intelligent dilutions, serial dilutions and automated standard additions.

Sample Introduction Systems.
You can fit the IRIS Intrepid system with an extensive variety of available sample introduction devices. These include glass or inert cyclone spray

chambers, conical spray chambers, nebulizers, and a selection of torches for use with very high dissolved solids or organic solvents.
Sensitivity-enhancing devices such as ultrasonic nebulizers, hydride generators LC, GC and ETV systems can be added and automated via Intrepid's CrossTalk electronic signal activation system.

▶ Separate Sampling & Excitation Accessory.
If you're analyzing metal samples, from high-purity precious metals to complex or exotic metal alloys, you can save time and money with Thermo Elemental Separate Sample & Excitation Accessory (SSEA).

Proven in hundreds of applications around the world, this useful accessory combines the convenience of spark sampling with the linearity and simple

calibrations of ICP analysis. By analyzing the sample directly, the SSEA eliminates the need for acid digestion which is time-consuming and potentially hazardous. The instrument can be converted from solids to liquids analysis and back in just a few seconds.

▶ Wear Metal Oil Autosampler.
A Thermo Elemental exclusive, this specialized autosampler includes an autodi-lutor and ultrasonic rinse, allowing automated handling of even the dirtiest heavy matrix samples.


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