Raise your expectations but lower your space requirements. SOLAAR S Systems deliver highly versatile AA analysis but in a remarkably compact package. Drawing upon technologies that bring premium performance to our award-winning SOLAAR M Series, the SOLAAR S Series offers a superb blend of features, but at an attractive cost - resulting in premium value.

The S Series offers the smallest footprint in its class, with unbeatable ergonomic access.

Ease of Use
Even novice operators can achieve expert results from the SOLAAR S Series. Powerful Windows
® based Wizards guide users through flame, furnace and vapor analysis set-up, minimizing effort and chance of error. There's even a multi-element, 6-lamp carousel, automatic lamp alignment, optical set-up, gas control and flame/burner optimization to ensure accurate results and safe operation.

Ruggedly built for round-the-clock use, the SOLAAR S Series features new Ti burners for excellent long-term stability. Advanced, efficient atomizer design and sophisticated optics provide unrivaled detection limits. The automatic Validation option ensures data quality.


Meet your needs - match your budget.

Value by design
The latest computer-aided design technologies allow us to pack the S Series with cost-effective features - a fully automatic

optical system, 6-lamp self-aligning carousel and auto-optimizing flame atomizer - to provide the best possible value.

Value in size
Your lab space is precious - and expensive. With the smallest automatic AA spectrometer footprint available, SOLAAR S will maximize your asset value.

Value in choice
We factory fit the options you need. Two models and a host of configurable facilities help you specify the best value solution for your applications.


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