The right tool for the job - exactly.
Versatility for flame analysis
Match your workload against our range of autosamplers, and add auto-dilution to save time and sample handling. Push down detection limits with the Slotted Tube Atom Trap, or analyze difficult samples

directly with segmented flow injection. Our new, high performance .universal 50 mm titanium burner is standard; a 100 mm version is also available

Versatility for furnace analysis
The pre-aligned, integrated Graphite Furnace Atomizer and Autosampler measures huge sample batches down to ppb concentrations. Select from a range of platforms and cuvettes to optimize your analysis, or fit the ELC for cost-effective, long-unattended runs. The GFTV option even lets you watch events inside the cuvette.

Versatility for vapor analysis
Add the Continuous Flow Vapor Generator for amazing detection of the arsenic group elements - and the Electrically Heated Atom Cell to further improve stability and permit unattended operation. There are even options to measure mercury in the ppt range.  


Local Control Option
Quarter VGA LCD display simplifies automated flame, vapor and furnace multi-element analysis. Crystal-clear graphics, full cookbook defaults and programmable stored methods help even inexperienced analysts achieve maximum productivity. 


Easy to learn - easy to use
Versatile, context-sensitive function keys and straightforward software mean no computer experience required.

Graphical confidence
Real-time calibration curves and signal graphics give confidence in the quality of your results. 

Run your analysis
Comprehensive support for flame, furnace and vapor analysis provides the flexibility to run almost any AA analysis.

Safe, high-capacity local storage
Flash memory enables safe storage of both methods and results.


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