The automatic optical system combined with a single lamp holder and semi-automatic gas control provides an instrument ideally suited for educational use or an economical graphite furnace solution.


Featuring an auto-aligning 6-lamp carousel, fully automatic, self-optimizing flame and gas control system and fully automatic optics, the SOLAAR S4 delivers even greater ease of use and higher productivity - the best value in its class.

The SOLAAR S Series also gives you the opportunity to add:
GFTV - The graphite furnace option that lets you really see what's happening to your sample.
PMT - Wide range photomultiplier for working with long wavelength alkali metals such as rubidium and cesium.
Local Control - The ideal option for harsh environments, or for non-specialist operators that require a simpler interface.
Validator - Add the SOLAAR Validation package, and enjoy the highest level of confidence in the quality of your data.


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