Thermo Elemental SOLAAR Series of AA spectrometers not only redefines AA system design, it sets a whole new standard of performance. Available in flame, furnace or dual flame/furnace configurations with options to suit any need and budget, this is not only

the world's easiest to use, most versatile spectrometer, it's also the most compact.
Despite its small footprint and stunning design, there are no compromises in performance. The M Series is engineered to meet the requirements of your most demanding analyses. The multi-element instrument is also engineered for maximum throughput in a production environment, with comprehensive automation capabilities and a wide range of sample introduction options.


- Flame and furnace capabilities in a single multi-functional instrument
- Choice of Zeeman or non-Zeeman furnace systems, with complementary flame system, or stand-alone Zeeman furnace system

- Simple, modular design in an amazingly small footprint
- Intuitive, familiar SOLAAR32 Windows® software

- Fully automated operation, including atomizer changeover
- Huge capacity, wide range of automated sample preparation options
- LCD local control option for production applications

- Ruggedly built for continuous use
- Comprehensive self-diagnostics, instant service access

- Multi-mode background correction
- Automatic optimization and alignment

- High-performance Echelle optics provide unrivalled detection limits and sensitivity  


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